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Aulika is the perfect combination of aesthetics and professional performance. It has a clean, rational design and unparalleled technology

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Saeco Aulika Focus


Saeco addresses the increasingly specific requirements of out-of-home consumption with two lines of machines that fully comply with customers‘ requests. The need to be able to choose among different types of drinks, including fresh-milk-based specialties, the user-friendliness in self-service contexts, and the reduction of operating costs are only some of the requirements that Saeco addressed in designing Aulika and Lirika. These two product lines were designed specifically for the B2B sector, and are equipped with revolutionary systems for the distribution of milk-based drinks, and have high capacity water and coffee canisters, a compact and innovative design and an operating software that was custom-made for the reference market, for better credit management, for instance. In addition, Aulika and Lirika are 60335-2-75 certified for professional use, are energy efficiency class A rated and comply with the directives issued by FEA, the Swiss Sectorial Association for Power Appliances for households and industry.


Saeco Aulika Focus

Aulika is the perfect combination of aesthetics and professional performance. It has a clean, rational design and unparalleled technology: double hydraulic circuit, conical blades, and large water and coffee capacity (for the Aulika Top and Mid models). All these characteristics make this machine perfect for locations with high daily consumptions. All Aulika models deliver a wide range of coffee-based and fresh-milk-based beverages, as well as hot water and steam. The wide graphic display can manage both icons and text messages in several languages.
The interface is equipped with 8 direct selection keys that make the machine easy to use and program. The software architecture was designed by levels and content, thus making it possible to customise and manage credit / consumption fully. Cleaning and maintenance activities, too, are made easier by the fact that all components requiring regular checks can be removed. The Top version is integrated by a base with extra capacity for grounds collection and can also be connected directly to the water supply. Aulika is the Saeco range addressed at the most demanding out of home professionals.
Saeco Aulika


Aulika is equipped with “one touch“ logic, and automatically provides cappuccino and milk coffee, thanks to a special next generation cappuccinatore, the “Pinless Wonder“. Pinless Wonder is a project originated in the Philips research laboratories and applied to Saeco products: this system, inserted in the machine nose, offers fresh-milk-based drinks of the highest quality and taste. The milk froth and temperature are perfect, in terms of texture and consistency: these are the two essential factors that guarantee the brewing of
excellent cappuccino and tasty milk coffee. In addition, milk frothing is always regular, with no “splash“ effect. The patented Pinless Wonder technology is less sensitive to lack of or insufficient cleaning of the cappuccinatore, and maintains constant frothing performance even in the most demanding operating conditions. Pinless Wonder is available only in the Aulika Top and Aulika Focus versions.
Saeco Aulika Focus


Saeco is striving to achieve maximum satisfaction for coffee-based drinks lovers. Drink quality in the cup is constantly checked and monitored. For this reason, the various production stages of the Aulika Top and Focus models are characterised by continuous test and tastings, to ensure that the final product is the absolute best. Our in-house team of coffee experts carries out regular checks at the end of the assembly line, prior to packaging. And the search for perfection does not end here: Saeco regularly requests the professionals
of the Centro Studi Assaggiatori, the most advanced sensory evaluation unit in Italy, to test the products dispensed by the main machines against a very strict reference protocol. The results are unanimous: Saeco has been recognized for the quality of the products, especially the milk coffee delivered by its machines, thanks to the perfect relationship between the milk frothing temperature and compactness of the resulting emulsion. These results are a tribute to the excellence of the Saeco machines and guarantee best product quality.


    • 1 kg coffee beans
    • 4 l water
    • 40 coffee grounds
    • 1 l drip tray

  • One-Touch cappuccino
  • 2 coffee cups simultaneously
  • Hot water / steam wand
  • Double pump, double boiler
  • Integrated Pinless Wonder Cappuccinatore
  • Base for accessories and with extra capacity for coffee grounds
  • Water supply connection (optional)
  • Key locks
  • Steel conical blades
Aulika Top Drinks

Dimensions (w x h x d)
334 x 574 x 452 mm
23 kg
silver / black
Coffee grounds extra capacity base
di serie
Power supply
220-240 V/50-60 Hz
Absorbed power
1400 W
Coffee beans container capacity
1 kg
Water tank capacity
4 l, removable
Coffee grounds capacity
Graphic display with icons and text messages
One touch cappuccino / latte macchiato
Approval pursuant to the 60335-2-75 professional standard

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